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Meet CBG, The New Cannabinoid on The Block

CBG (cannabigerol) is another new cannabinoid hitting the market. Originating from the cannabis plant, CBG is the latest to showcase an array of promise and potential. There are little doubt people are looking for the next wonder ingredient. CBG is raising a lot of questions now and people are open to it, if it means keeping them looking youthful or improving certain medical ailments. So, is CBG really the new wonder ingredient, and what is known about it?

Forget About Comparisons

A lot of people try to compare Cannabigerol with CBD, another cannabinoid, but that’s not easy to do. Cannabidiol has been around for a lot longer than CBG and little is known about it. You can’t really compare the two because so much is unknown about CBG. That doesn’t mean to say CBD is better or that it is entirely safe to use. CBG is supposed to be non-intoxicating which means you won’t get the euphoric feel. The only problem is that it’s difficult to say how different CBG is from CBD or what it can do. Studies and research have been very limited, even with CBD, so there is still so much unknown about cannabigerol.

Potential Benefits from CBG?

As said, there has been extremely limited research carried out on the use of Cannabigerol on humans. Some, however, believe CBG may be one day used for inflammatory purposes, bladder issues, and even glaucoma. However, it’s important to note that there are no guarantees CBG will help improve or treat those conditions. They are just potential benefits scientists are hoping to use CBG for. There is also limited knowledge over the side effects of CBG which is extremely frustrating. Read more!

The Unregulated World of Cannabinoids

One of the biggest bones of contention is how unregulated this field is. For instance, in America, the FDA currently doesn’t approve the use of CBD in foods. However, in many states, medical marijuana and CBD oil is legal. On the other hand, many other countries do not allow for hemp derived products to be used in any form. In areas that do allow for CBD, THC levels are limited to 0.3%, so maybe CBG would be the same.

Unfortunately, there is little regulation over how cannabinoids are specifically manufactured and sourced. This does mean genuine products are not made with the ingredients the label states. For example, CBD oil is stated to be 0.3% THC, whereas it actually contains 1.00%. That’s a big difference but it’s difficult to check every manufacturer or source. Some manufacturers believe they’re using authorized CBD with a level of 0.3%, but they can’t be entirely sure. Cannabigerol may face the same problems one day too.

The Latest Cannabinoid with Potential

Cannabinoids will keep appearing in the years ahead and they could help in a variety of ways – as long as they aren’t misused or abused. People will also continue to be cautious of cannabinoids because they’re new and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to cure all ailments. A lot of people think cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBG will be able to cure every medical condition. It would be fantastic if they could, but they might just be masking the real pains or problems. CBG needs more research and it’ll be interesting to see where it progresses to. Click here for more information: http://www.tudorwinebar.com/the-differences-between-cbg-vs-cbd/

The Differences Between CBG vs. CBD

There are more than five hundred compounds in the leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the cannabis plant. Our understanding of the properties of marijuana has flourished since the legalization of hemp. Cannabinoids are breaking onto the prospect as a few of the most powerful wellness tools available now. You can get the advantages of CBD and CBG without facing any of the psychoactive effects associated with high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels.

CBD is the key non-psychoactive compound discovered in the cannabis plant, as well as is hailed by the public as the best natural remedy for pain and stress. Its lesser-known cousin, CBG is also obtaining traction as a notable complementary treatment for various ailments. Read on to find out how CBD and CBG are different, and learn what you need to know about cannabinoids.

All about CBG

The first question on people’s lips at present is, what is Cannabigerol (CBG)? There is a low buzz regarding how effective it can be in particular situations, but it is just been available for a short time to the general public. This is generally because it is much more difficult to grow. CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids since it is the precursor to CBD, CBC, and THC.

Contrasting CBD, which influences the endocannabinoid method rather than openly binding to CB receptors, CBG interacts directly with them. CBG can combat the hostile effects associated with the high of cannabis like paranoia, while THC stimulates these receptors and gets the user high. More details!

Benefits of CBG

Some of the health benefits that CBG growers and enthusiasts talk about include:

  1. Killing drug-resistant bacteria
  2. Preventing tumor growth
  3. Reducing inflammation
  4. Fighting Huntingdon’s disease
  5. Neuroprotective effects
  6. Glaucoma treatment.

What Are the Differences between CBG and CBD?

The main difference between CBG and CBD is the past interacts with the endocannabinoid method whereas the latter binds to the CB receptors directly. Both of them show anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to treat tumor growth and glaucoma as well as a variety of neuroprotective advantages. CBG seems to be more of an antiseptic compound, as well as showing promise in colon cancer treatment. Moreover, CBD appears to be an outstanding treatment for anxiety, and depression.

Why Is CBG Not as Popular as CBD?

Without the intoxication, CBG is one of the only cannabinoids that have health benefits. As such, you are maybe thinking why this interesting compound isn’t on every storefront in city. The reply is just simple: CBG is simply not as simple to produce as CBD. However, production is getting easier as the technology develops. CBG will be as massive as CBD soon.

Cannabigerol is highly sought after as one of the most valuable cannabinoids to extract and produce. There are just small percentages of CBG existing in mature cannabis plants, thus production needs thousands of dollars of biomass. Several hemp plants contain a maximum of thirty percent CBD, but the sum of CBG can be less than one percent.

Growers are in a dilemma as they have the option to grow plants while they are young, as well as the CBGV has yet to be converted. On the other hand, this would mean growing whole crops for CBG production only, which may not be a practical business plan. For more details read our article: http://www.tudorwinebar.com/12-things-parents-should-know-about-cbd-for-kids/

12 Things Parents Should Know about CBD for Kids .

CBD oil is widely used by people of all ages. It now seems as though parents want their children to use it too. For the majority of parents who’re considering CBD oil for their child, it’s because they have a serious medical condition. Most parents have exhausted their options and want to explore the possibility of a new treatment. So, what do parents need to know about CBD oil for kids?

Cannabidiol Could Treat Several Medical Conditions

CBD oil isn’t a cure to any medical condition but may ease some conditions. For instance, parents have looked at CBD to ease epilepsy seizures and in some cases, it has been initially successful. However, results vary considerably and not all children will be able to use Cannabidiol, whether it’s in oil form or another. It’s essential to consult a medical professional before giving your child CBD oil.

CBD May Be Illegal In Your State

With heavy regulations, restrictions, and laws surrounding CBD, it’s hard to know what will change next. Unfortunately, while some states in the U.S. don’t have restrictions on Cannabidiol, many do. What that means is if you reside in a state that says CBD oil is illegal to use, you could get into trouble. Some parents have even taken the steps in moving to another part of the country so they can freely buy CBD.

So Much Is Still Unclear

Cannabidiol has been used in a variety of test areas but results vary. What’s more, tests and studies have been somewhat limited. Essentially, the long-term effectiveness of CBD is unclear and that means the long-term effect on a child (with prolonged Cannabidiol usage) isn’t known. In simple terms, more research is needed over CBD and the effects on children with specific medical conditions.

CPS May Investigate Your Family

While every state has rules over the use of CBD, when children are involved, it could result in CPS being called out. This is, of course, worrying but is often done to protect the child. This isn’t designed to scare you but prepare you. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your child; CPS will ensure the child is safe. This will depend on which state you live in and the child’s medical condition. It may help if you have a medical report to back the reasons why the child requires CBD.

It’s Unwise to Buy CBD Oil Online

The internet is the ideal place to purchase items discreetly; unfortunately, you’re limited where you can purchase from. What’s more, you can’t inspect the product before you buy it. You can see a picture but for something as delicate as Cannabidiol, you may need to buy in person. Also, it’s hard to determine a fake product online.

Not a Genuine Product

As said, there are fake products online (and in stores too) and if you have never purchased CBD oil before, you could be fooled into buying a fake. This is something you have to be aware of before you buy CBD oil for your child. It’s essential to understand how dangerous it could be to buy imitation oil and determining a fake product from a real one.

Shop with Authorized Sellers

Cannabidiol is a special product and some manufacturers will be very careful how their products are distributed. Many authorized sellers of CBD oil will be licensed to do so and that’s how you can usually tell what you’re buying is genuine. This is something you must look for before investing money into the oil. Remember, this is for your child and you have to ensure its genuine CBD oil rather than a cheap knock-off.

THC Levels Are Lower In CBD

Parents worry about the levels of THC in CBD oil and it’s understandable. You never want to give your child something that will give them the psychotropic ‘high’ associated with cannabis. Fortunately, genuine CBD oil is supposed to contain very small amounts of THC, usually 0.3% or less. If you can find oil with zero THC, that’s even better.

It May Change the Child’s Life

Every parent has an opinion over the use of CBD oil on children but if it’s used in the correct manner, it may very well change their entire life. For instance, if Cannabidiol is used to ease seizures, it could allow a child to enjoy a little more freedom. Of course, effectiveness can vary. Some may not experience any change.

Buying Long-Term Can Be Expensive

A one-off purchase of CBD oil won’t seem that expensive at first but when you’re buying on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s going to get pretty costly. Parents have to understand the true cost of CBD oil on a long-term basis. This isn’t the cheapest product available and could put a strain on finances, especially if you have a tight household budget. Remember, genuine products usually aren’t found at rock-bottom prices a $1 or less. Click here for more information: https://www.tudorwinebar.com/can-cbd-oil-relieve-arthritis-pain/

CBD Oil Has To Be Used Properly

Cannabidiol is a serious product and must be administered properly. Children should use very small amounts of this at any one time. Of course, it’s hard to give proper dosage amounts because conditions vary and every child will require different amounts. However, CBD oil shouldn’t be misused or abused. It must be used correctly and shouldn’t be used to essentially ‘dope’ a child up all day. That’s not the purpose of it.

Speak to Your Child’s Doctor First

It’s easy to say you want your child to use CBD oil to give them a better life, but, you have to be safe and ensure it’s the right solution for them. What happens if they’re allergic to CBD oil? You don’t know how a child’s body will react to something it has never used before and so you have to be extra careful. You must consult your (and the child’s) doctor to ensure this is suitable for them.

This Should Be the Last Resort

While Cannabidiol may help your child, this should always be the last resort. The reason why is because the effects on a child are unknown. It does have medical benefits but there’s no guarantee its safe for your child. And, there are no guarantees it’ll help them. Remember, every condition has a severity level and in some instances, CBD oil mightn’t be the right treatment method. This is the last solution for children and really it’s only in the most extreme circumstances.

The New Craze

There are serious and justifiable arguments for the use of CBD oil for children but that, of course, doesn’t make it right. The reason why there’s still so much unrest and contention over this issue are down to the origins of CBD and the long-term effects it has on children. Parents need to do their research on the matter so they can make an informed decision that’s best for their child. CBD oil is increasing in popularity but parents still need to know everything they can first before their children use it.

Ten Current Medical Uses of CBD for as Many Other Diseases

Ten Current Medical Uses of CBD for as Many Other Diseases

CBD and THC are the two major ingredients that are derived from the hemp plant – and both have their own pros and cons. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive and so it does not intoxicate you or change your mindstate – however, it does still provide the calming effect. In this article we will take a look at ten current medical uses of CBD for many other diseases.

Avoiding acne

One of the main benefits of CBD is its anti-inflammatory property, and this comes in super useful when treating acne as it reduces the creation of sebum in the skin which then doesn’t allow that acne then develops. Visit www.tudorwinebar.com/common-questions-about-cbd-health-claims-for-pain-and-other-conditions-answered/ for Common questions about CBD health claims.

Alleviating the symptoms of chemotherapy

Recent studies have shown that CBD can work to slow down the development, growth and spread of tumors meaning that it can be used somewhat effectively against the progression of certain types of cancer. Not only this but it can also be used to control vomiting and nausea, which are two common side effects of chemotherapy.

Stopping the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

This disease may be better known as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) can also be alleviated of some of its symptoms with the use of CBD. This is due to the fact that CBD can help with the pain that comes along with the disease as well as reducing inflammation and alleviating other symptoms due to this.

Fighting seizures of epilepsy

Studies have shown that when epilepsy sufferers, when they start using CBD, see a significant reduction in the number of seizures, especially in children that suffer from Dravet, West or Lennox-Gastaut syndromes.

Ten Current Medical Uses of CBD for as Many Other Diseases

Reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Some of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis are the inflammation of the neuron tissue – which can be remedied by CBD thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This then allows the reduction of other symptoms that are caused by the inflammation of the neuron tissue – such as loss of motor control.

Combating intestinal diseases

Another disease that can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are intestinal diseases. The disease that is most affected by CBD useage is Crohn’s disease, even though there are also early studies that show that it may even be useful for celiacs too. Learn more uses of CBD for Inflammatory bowel disease.

Controlling the psychotic effects of schizophrenia

CBD also can be used against schizophrenia, it does this by being able to control and help with the symptoms of the illness. These symptoms include: alterations in perception, cognition and functions of the ego, will, affectivity and the psychomotor function. Studies have shown that CBD seems to alleviate all of these symptoms in schizophrenia sufferers that take CBD.

Protecting against neurological degeneration in altheimers

There is a study from neuroscience researchers that indicated that CBD may be able to help protect against what may cause althemers. This is because CBD reduces the collection of beta-amyloid plaques that are indicators of Alzheimer’s disease. This is based on the fact that CBD is an anti-inflammatory this means it could reduce inflammation and aid in the creation of new brain cells that could help prevent the onset of the disease.

Help in relieving anxiety and depression

One of CBDs many benefits is that it is also able to modify your mood without intoxicating you like THC does. This means that it is the ideal solution to those suffering from anxiety and depression. It produces a sense of relaxation which can be very helpful for people that suffer from panic attacks.

Reducing the pain caused by arthritis

There are two main reasons behind arthritis: either joint degradation and inflammation or an autoimmune disease. Either way, arthritis is an illness that causes a lot of pain to the sufferer. In this case, CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and as a painkiller, reducing the patient’s swelling and also helps them deal with the pain.